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Who has the worst attitudes toward sexual minorities? Comparison of transphobia and homophobia levels in gender dysphoric individuals, the general population and health care providers 372
L'esperienza di educatrici delle insegnati con bambini e bambine cresciuti con genitori omosessuali: uno studio qualitativo 39
Le famiglie omogenitoriali. Teorie, clinica e ricerca 23
Parental burnout, coparenting, and internalized sexual stigma during COVID-19 in parents with minoritized sexual identities 17
Factors associated with behavioral adjustment in children of gay and heterosexual single fathers through surrogacy during middle childhood 16
Genitorialità oltre l’ereditarietà (non) biologica: aspetti rilevanti per il lavoro clinico nel periodo perinatale con coppie omogenitoriali ricorse a PMA o GPA 13
Sperm donor relations among adult offspring conceived via insemination by lesbian parents 12
Therapist reactions to patient personality: A pilot study of clinicians’ emotional and neural responses using three clinical vignettes from In Treatment series 12
Adults Conceived via Donor Insemination by Lesbian Parents Reflect on Their Own Future Parenting Plans (and Their Own Parents Reflect on Being Grandparents) 11
Surrogacy families headed by gay men: relationships with surrogates and egg donors, fathers’ decisions over disclosure and children’s views on their surrogacy origins 11
eCONNECT Parent Group: An Online Attachment-Based Intervention to Reduce Attachment Insecurity, Behavioral Problems, and Emotional Dysregulation in Adolescence 10
Closing circles: Family-of-origin reconciliations following the transition to parenthood in lesbian and gay parents through assisted reproduction 9
Gay and Heterosexual Single Father Families Created by Surrogacy: Father–Child Relationships, Parenting Quality, and Children’s Psychological Adjustment 9
Support for discriminatory behaviours against immigrants in Italy: Perceived threat and positive beliefs mediate the effect of contact with immigrants 9
Adult offspring of lesbian parents reflect on having been donor conceived: Feelings about their sperm donor and donor siblings 9
In origine è il dono. Donatori e portatrici nell'immaginario delle famiglie omogenitoriali 9
Family alliance and intergenerational transmission of coparenting in gay and heterosexual single-father families through surrogacy: Associations with child attachment security 9
Attachment Figures among Donor-Conceived Children of Lesbian Mothers in Middle Childhood 9
Mapping Twitter hate speech towards social and sexual minorities: a lexicon-based approach to semantic content analysis 9
The desire for more children among Israeli lesbian, gay, and heterosexual couples who became parents through assisted reproduction 9
Gay fathers' motivations for and feelings about surrogacy as a path to parenthood 8
Assessing triadic interactions and the family alliance among Belgian lesbian mothers and their donor-conceived children 8
Child attachment security in gay father surrogacy families: Parents as safe havens and secure bases during middle childhood 8
Demographics and Health Outcomes in a U.S. Probability Sample of Transgender Parents 8
European gay fathers via surrogacy: Parenting, social support, anti‐gay microaggressions, and child behavior problems 7
Applications of the Lausanne Trilogue Play paradigm to Family Therapy. A homoparental case 7
“Don’t leave me behind!” problematic Internet use and fear of missing out through the lens of epistemic trust in emerging adulthood 7
Direct and indirect effects of psychological well-being and therapeutic alliance on therapy outcome in eating disorders 7
Problematic internet use in emerging adulthood to escape from maternal helicopter parenting: defensive functioning as a mediating mechanism 7
Examining differences in alcohol and smoking behaviors between parenting and nonparenting lesbian women 7
Famiglie contemporanee. Nuove concezioni, vecchi pregiudizi. Risposta ai commenti 7
Effect of a parenting intervention on decreasing adolescents’ behavioral problems via reduction in attachment insecurity: A longitudinal, multicenter, randomized controlled trial 7
Verbal, physical, and relational bullying among Italian and immigrant youth: A preliminary national study in Italy 7
Father–child bonding and mental health in gay fathers using cross-border surrogacy during the COVID-19 pandemic 7
‘It's a bit too much fathering this seed’. The meaning-making of the sperm donor in Italian lesbian mother families 7
Identità Positiva in Persone Lesbiche, Gay e Bisessuali: un contributo alla validazione italiana della Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Positive Identity Measure (LGB-PIM) 6
Microaggressions and Dropout When Working With Sexual Minority Parents in Clinical Settings: The Working Alliance as a Mediating Mechanism 6
Emotional dysregulation and eating symptoms in gender dysphoria and eating disorders: the mediating role of body uneasiness 6
Different epistemic stances for different traumatic experiences: implications for mentalization 6
Assisted Conception Socialization Self-Efficacy Among Israeli Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Parent Families and its Association with Child Externalizing Problems 5
Editorial: LGBTQ parents and their children during the family life cycle 5
Alcohol consumption in adolescence: the role of adolescents’ gender, parental control, and family dinners attendance in an Italian HBSC sample 5
Enhancing food habits via sensitivity in rural low-SES mothers of children aged 1–3 living in Colombia: A randomized controlled trial using video-feedback intervention 5
The stability of psychological adjustment among donor-conceived offspring in the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study from childhood to adulthood: differences by donor type 5
Donor sibling relations among adult offspring conceived via insemination by lesbian parents 5
The intergenerational transmission of attachment during middle childhood in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parent families through assisted reproduction: The mediating role of reflective functioning 5
Helicopter parenting, emotional avoidant coping, mental health, and homophobic stigmatization among emerging adult offspring of lesbian parents 5
Long-Term Effects of Homophobic Stigmatization During Adolescence on Problem Behavior in Emerging Adult Offspring of Lesbian Parents 4
Mental health disparities between lesbian mothers and heterosexual parents: The mediating role of positivity 4
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Among Donor-Conceived Offspring in the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study from Adolescence to Adulthood 4
Children’s Exploration of Their Surrogacy Origins in Gay Two-Father Families: Longitudinal Associations With Child Attachment Security and Parental Scaffolding During Discussions About Conception 4
Written and visual cyberbullying victimization in adolescence: Shared and unique associated factors 4
Attitudes and Beliefs of Italian Educators and Teachers Regarding Children Raised by Same-Sex Parents 4
Adolescent Development and the Parent–Adolescent Relationship in Diverse Family Forms Created by Assisted Reproduction 4
Problematic Internet Use in Emerging Adulthood. The Interplay Between Narcissistic Vulnerability and Environmental Sensitivity 4
Concerns of emerging adults who were born and raised in planned lesbian-parent families 4
Childhood abuse and neglect experiences, Hostile-Helpless attachment, and reflective functioning in mentally ill filicidal mothers 4
Do therapists' subjective variables impact on psychodynamic psychotherapy outcomes? A systematic literature review 4
"I can't miss a thing" - The contribution of defense mechanisms, grandiose narcissism, and vulnerable narcissism to fear of missing out in emerging adulthood 4
Challenging Oedipus in changing families: Gender identifications and access to origins in same-sex parent families created through third-party reproduction 4
Well-being in a group of deaf adults: Sexual orientation and perception of deafness as a disability 3
Madri lesbiche, padri gay. Genitori de-generati? 3
Italian gay fathers' expriences of transnational surrogacy and their relationship with the surrogate pre- and post- birth 3
Reflections on a successful year of the Society for Reproductive and Infant Psychology 3
Prosocial and externalizing behaviors in children raised by same-gender and different-gender parent families: New directions in parenting research 3
Disclosure and child exploration of surrogacy origins in gay father families: Fathers' Adult Attachment Interview coherence of mind matters 3
Untangling caregiving role from parent gender in coparenting research: Insights from gay two-father families 3
Italian gay father families formed by surrogacy: Parenting, stigmatization, and children's psychological adjustment 3
Gay father surrogacy families: relationships with surrogates and egg donors and parental disclosure of children's origins 3
Parenting, dyadic coping, and child emotion regulation in lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parent families through assisted reproduction 3
I Embrace My LGB Identity: Self-Reassurance, Social Safeness, and the Distinctive Relevance of Authenticity to Well-Being in Italian Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexual People 3
Gender development in children with gay, lesbian, and heterosexual parents: Associations with family type and child gender 3
Italian Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Prejudice Against Immigrants Scale (PAIS): Assessment of Validity, Reliability, and Measure Invariance 3
Sensitivity and rough-and-tumble play in gay and heterosexual single-father families through surrogacy: The role of microaggressions and fathers’ rumination 3
Editorial: Family men: Fathers as coparents in diverse contexts and family structures 3
Patient personality dimensions, transference patterns and therapeutic alliance: An empirical investigation 3
Same-sex parent families in Italy: Validation of the Coparenting Scale-Revised for lesbian mothers and gay fathers 3
Peer microaggressions and social skills among school-age children of sexual minority parents through assisted reproduction: Moderation via the child-teacher relationship 3
Single fathers by choice using surrogacy. Why men decide to have a child as a single parent 3
Same-sex and different-sex parent families in Italy. Is parents' sexual orientation associated with child health outcomes and parental dimensions? 3
What decides the well-being of the relationship between parents and adolescents 3
Long-term effects of family resilience on the subjective well-being of offspring in the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study 3
Assessing prejudice toward two-father parenting and two-mother parenting: The beliefs on same-sex parenting scale 3
Stress and resilience experiences during the transition to parenthood among Belgian lesbian mothers through donor insemination 3
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