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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-gen-2014 Toxicity of metal oxide nanoparticles on mammalian COC expansion and oocyte maturation. Vecchione, L; Camaioni, A; Salustri, A; Sotiriou, G; Cassee, F; Demokritou, P; Magrini, A; Pietroiusti, A; Campagnolo, L Intervento a convegno
1-feb-2021 Treatment of pregnancies complicated by intrauterine growth restriction with nitric oxide donors increases placental expression of Epidermal Growth Factor-Like Domain 7 and improves fetal growth: A pilot study Massimiani, M; Tiralongo, Gm; Salvi, S; Fruci, S; Lacconi, V; La Civita, F; Mancini, M; Stuhlmann, H; Valensise, H; Campagnolo, L Articolo su rivista
1-ago-2008 TUDCA prevents cholestasis and canalicular damage induced by ischemia-reperfusion injury in the rat, modulating PKC alpha-ezrin pathway Baiocchi, L; Tisone, G; Russo, Ma; Longhi, C; Palmieri, G; Volpe, A; Almerighi, C; Telesca, C; Carbone, M; Toti, L; De Leonardis, F; Angelico, M Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2001 Twenty years of research on primordial germ cells DE FELICI, M Articolo su rivista
15-ott-2001 Two distinct populations of tumor necrosis factor-stimulated gene-6 protein in the extracellular matrix of expanded mouse cumulus cell-oocyte complexes Mukhopadhyay, D; Hascall, V; Day, A; Salustri, A; Fülöp, C Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1980 Ultrastructural Evidence for Germ Cells-Sertoli Cells Interaction in Cultures of Rat Seminiferous Epithelium Palombi, F; Ziparo, E; Galdieri, M; Russo, Ma; Stefanini, M Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2010 Understanding the roles of TSG-6 and inter-a-inhibitor in cumulus matrix expansion during murine and human ovulation Williams, Jlr; De A. g. o. s. t. i. n. i., Ai; Mounce, G; Ievoli, E; Salustri, A; Mikecz, K; Child, T; Kennedy, S; Day, Aj; Milner, Cm Intervento a convegno
1-gen-1992 UPTAKE OF EXOGENOUS DNA BY MAMMALIAN SPERMATOZOA - SPECIFIC LOCALIZATION OF DNA ON SPERM HEADS Camaioni, A; Russo, Ma; Odorisio, T; Gandolfi, F; Fazio, V; Siracusa, G Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1991 Uptake of foreign molecules by sperm cells. Factors affecting sperm permeability Lavitrano, Ml; French, D; Camaioni, A; Zani, M; Mariani Costantini, R; Frati, L; Spadafora, C Contributo in libro
1-mag-2002 Using mouse primordial germ cell culture to study early mammalian gametogenesis and stem cell totipotency Klinger, Fg; DE FELICI, M Intervento a convegno
25-mar-2020 Versican G1 Fragment Establishes a Strongly Stabilized Interaction with Hyaluronan-Rich Expanding Matrix during Oocyte Maturation Nagyova, E; Salustri, A; Nemcova, L; Scsukova, S; Kalous, J; Camaioni, A Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2022 YAP regulates porcine skin-derived stem cells self-renewal partly by repressing Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway Yan, H-; Sun, Y; Zhang, M-; Zhang, S-; Sun, J-; Dyce, Pw; Klinger, Fg; De Felici, M; Shen, W; Cheng, S- Articolo su rivista
1-ago-2001 Zona pellucida solubility and cortical granule complements in human oocytes following assisted reproductive techniques Manna, C; Rienzi, L; Greco, E; Sbracia, M; Rahman, A; Poverini, R; Siracusa, G; DE FELICI, M Articolo su rivista
Mostrati risultati da 394 a 406 di 406
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