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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
17-lug-2012 The faah gene is the first direct target of estrogen in the testis: role of histone demethylase LSD1 Grimaldi, P; Pucci, M; Di Siena, S; Di Giacomo, D; Pirazzi, V; Geremia, R; Maccarrone, M Articolo su rivista
12-mar-2015 Fgf9 inhibition of meiotic differentiation in spermatogonia is mediated by Erk-dependent activation of Nodal-Smad2/3 signaling and is antagonized by Kit Ligand Tassinari, V; Campolo, F; Cesarini, V; Todaro, F; DOLCI IANNINI, S; Rossi, P Articolo su rivista
1-giu-1990 Follicle-stimulating hormone and cyclic AMP induce transcription from the human urokinase promoter in primary cultures of mouse Sertoli cells Rossi, P; Grimaldi, P; Blasi, F; Geremia, R; Verde, P Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1993 Follicle-stimulating hormone induction of steel factor (SLF) mRNA in mouse Sertoli cells and stimulation of DNA synthesis in spermatogonia by soluble SLF Rossi, P; DOLCI IANNINI, S; Albanesi, C; Grimaldi, P; Ricca, R; Geremia, R Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1983 Follicle-stimulating hormone regulates in vivo testicular phosphodiesterase Conti, M; Toscano, M; Geremia, R; Stefanini, M Articolo su rivista
11-nov-1987 Formation of a type I collagen RNA dimer by intermolecular base-pairing of a conserved sequence around the translation initiation site Rossi, P; de Crombrugghe, B Articolo su rivista
24-nov-2004 Functional interaction between p90Rsk2 and Emi1 contributes to the metaphase arrest of mouse oocytes Paronetto, M; Giorda, E; Carsetti, R; Rossi, P; Geremia, R; Sette, C Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2019 Functional Interaction between U1snRNP and Sam68 Insures Proper 3′ End Pre-mRNA Processing during Germ Cell Differentiation Naro, C; Pellegrini, L; Jolly, A; Farini, D; Cesari, E; Bielli, P; de la Grange, P; Sette, C Articolo su rivista
16-lug-2012 Gemcitabine triggers a pro-survival response in pancreatic cancer cells through activation of the MNK2/eIF4E pathway Adesso, L; Calabretta, S; Barbagallo, F; Capurso, G; Pilozzi, E; Geremia, R; Delle Fave, G; Sette, C Articolo su rivista
1-apr-2011 Genome-wide analysis of translation reveals a critical role for deleted in azoospermia-like (Dazl) at the oocyte-to-zygote transition Chen, J; Melton, C; Suh, N; Oh, J; Horner, K; Xie, F; Sette, C; Blelloch, R; Conti, M Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2010 Genotoxic stress causes the accumulation of the splicing regulator Sam68 in nuclear foci of transcriptionally active chromatin Busà, R; Geremia, R; Sette, C Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2006 Germ Cells Rossi, P; DOLCI IANNINI, S; Farini, D; DE FELICI, M Contributo in libro
7-giu-2003 Gynaecomastia in men with chronic myeloid leukaemia after imatinib Gambacorti Passerini, C; Tornaghi, L; Cavagnini, F; Rossi, P; Pecori Giraldi, F; Mariani, L; Cambiaghi, N; Pogliani, E; Corneo, G; Gnessi, L Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2008 Haploinsufficiency of the germ cell-specific nuclear RNA binding protein hnRNP G-T prevents functional spermatogenesis in the mouse. Ehrmann, I; Dalgliesh, C; Tsaousi, A; Paronetto, M; Heinrich, B; Kist, R; Cairns, P; Li, W; Mueller, C; Jackson, M; Peters, H; Nayernia, K; Saunders, P; Mitchell, M; Stamm, S; Sette, C; Elliott, Dj Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1977 Histone synthesis and replacement during spermatogenesis in the mouse Goldberg, R; Geremia, R; Bruce, W Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2002 HMGA1 and HMGA2 protein expression in mouse spermatogenesis Chieffi, P; Battista, S; Barchi, M; Di Agostino, S; Pierantoni, G; Fedele, M; Chiariotti, L; Tramontano, D; Fusco, A Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1993 Identification of 3',5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate-inducible nuclear factors binding to the human urokinase promoter in mouse Sertoli cells Grimaldi, P; Piscitelli, D; Albanesi, C; Blasi, F; Geremia, R; Rossi, P Articolo su rivista
1-ago-1987 Identification of a cell-specific transcriptional enhancer in the first intron of the mouse alpha 2 (type I) collagen gene Rossi, P; de Crombrugghe, B Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1997 Identification of a promoter region generating Sry circular transcripts both in germ cells from male adult mice and in male mouse embryonal gonads DOLCI IANNINI, S; Grimaldi, P; Geremia, R; Pesce, M; Rossi, P Articolo su rivista
15-mag-2010 Identification of ASF/SF2 as a critical, allele-specific effector of the cyclin D1b oncogene Olshavsky, N; Comstock, C; Schiewer, M; Augello, M; Hyslop, T; Sette, C; Zhang, J; Parysek, L; Knudsen, K Articolo su rivista
Mostrati risultati da 77 a 96 di 235
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