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Recent submissions

Variational properties of a model for image segmentation with overlapping regions
Topological and variational properties of a model for reconstructing three-dimensional images
On the convergence of discrete schemes for the Perona-Malik equation
Some applications of the least squares method to differential equations
Asymptotic properties of the Nitzberg-Mumford variational model for segmentation with depth
Investigation of rare nuclear decays with BaF2 crystal scintillator contaminated by radium
The annual modulation signature for Dark Matter: DAMA/LIBRA-phase1 results and perspectives
First results of the experiment to search for 2β decay of 106Cd with 106CdWO4 crystal scintillator in coincidence with four crystals HPGe detector
Radioactive contamination of BaF2 crystal scintillator
Purification of cerium, neodymium and gadolinium for low background experiments


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