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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-mar-1986 Macrophages in the urogenital ridge of the mid-gestation mouse fetus DE FELICI, M; Heasman, J; Wylie, C; Mclaren, A Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2023 Mammalian fertilization: Does sperm IZUMO1 mediate fusion as well as adhesion? Bianchi, E; Wright, Gj Articolo su rivista
1-ago-1996 Mammalian oocyte growth in vitro is stimulated by soluble factor(s) produced by preantral granulosa cells and by Sertoli cells Cecconi, S; Rossi, G; DE FELICI, M; Colonna, R Articolo su rivista
11-gen-2024 Maternal exposure to zinc oxide nanoparticles causes cochlear dysfunction in the offspring Campagnolo, L; Lacconi, V; Bernardini, R; Viziano, A; Pietroiusti, A; Ippoliti, L; Moleti, A; Sisto, R Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1989 Maturation of the oocyte-cumulus cells complex in mammals Siracusa, G; Salustri, A; DE FELICI, M Contributo in libro
1-ott-1996 Meeting Report: How life may come from death: lessons from reproductive biology DE FELICI, M Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1990 Meiotic maturation of mammalian oocyte Siracusa, G; DE FELICI, M; Salustri, A Contributo in libro
1-mag-1983 Meiotic resumption and intracellular cAMP levels in mouse oocytes treated with compounds which act on cAMP metabolism Vivarelli, E; Conti, M; DE FELICI, M; Siracusa, G Articolo su rivista
1-ago-2020 Melatonin ameliorates murine fetal oocyte meiotic dysfunction in F1 and F2 offspring caused by nicotine exposure during pregnancy Liu, W; Tan, S; Wang, Y; Li, L; Sun, X; Liu, J; Klinger, Fg; De Felici, M; Shen, W; Cheng, S Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2018 Melatonin protects prepuberal testis from deleterious effects of bisphenol A or diethylhexyl phthalate by preserving H3K9 methylation Zhang, T; Zhou, Y; Li, L; Zhao, Y; De Felici, M; Reiter, Rj; Shen, W Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2020 Membrane estrogen receptor (GPER) and follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) heteromeric complexes promote human ovarian follicle survival Casarini, L; Lazzaretti, C; Paradiso, E; Limoncella, S; Riccetti, L; Sperduti, S; Melli, B; Marcozzi, S; Anzivino, C; Sayers, Ns; Czapinski, J; Brigante, G; Poti, F; La Marca, A; De Pascali, F; Reiter, E; Falbo, A; Daolio, J; Villani, Mt; Lispi, M; Orlando, G; Klinger, Fg; Fanelli, F; Rivero-Muller, A; Hanyaloglu, Ac; Simoni, M Articolo su rivista
1-dic-1987 Membrane molecules involved in adhesion properties of cultured Sertoli cells Zani, B; Ziparo, E; Russo, Ma; Filippini, A; Stefanini, M Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2001 Mesenchymal cell precursors of peritubular smooth muscle cells of the mouse testis can be identified by the presence of the p75 neurotrophin receptor Campagnolo, L; Russo, M; Puglianiello, A; Favale, A; Siracusa, G Articolo su rivista
1-feb-2001 Mesenchymal cell precursors of peritubular smooth muscle cells of the mouse testis can be identified by the presence of the p75 neurotrophin receptor Campagnolo, L; Russo, Ma; Puglianiello, A; Favale, A; Siracusa, G Articolo su rivista
1-lug-1983 Metabolic coupling, cumulus expansion and meiotic resumption in mouse cumuli oophori cultured in vitro in the presence of FSH or dcAMP, or stimulated in vivo by hCG Salustri, A; Siracusa, G Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1998 Metabolism of hyaluronan Hascall, Vc; Fulop, C; Salustri, A; Goodstone, N; Calabro, A; Hogg, M; Tammi, R; Tammi, M; Maccallum, D Contributo in libro
27-nov-2015 Metal Ion-dependent Heavy Chain Transfer Activity of TSG-6 Mediates Assembly of the Cumulus-Oocyte Matrix Briggs, D; Birchenough, H; Ali, T; Rugg, M; Waltho, J; Ievoli, E; Jowitt, T; Enghild, J; Richter, R; Salustri, A; Milner, C; Day, A Articolo su rivista
1-ago-2003 Methylation dynamics of repetitive DNA elements in the mouse germ cell lineage Lees Murdock, D; DE FELICI, M; Walsh, C Articolo su rivista
1-giu-2016 Micromechanical Analysis of the Hyaluronan-Rich Matrix Surrounding the Oocyte Reveals a Uniquely Soft and Elastic Composition Chen, X; Bonfiglio, R; Banerji, S; Jackson, D; Salustri, A; Richter, R Articolo su rivista
1-giu-2013 Minimal concentrations of retinoic acid induce stimulation by retinoic acid 8 and promote entry into meiosis in isolated pregonadal and gonadal mouse primordial germ cells Tedesco, M; Desimio, M; Klinger, Fg; DE FELICI, M; Farini, D Articolo su rivista
Mostrati risultati da 260 a 279 di 454
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