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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
1-mag-1980 Changes in concanavalin A-mediated agglutinability of mouse oocytes during meiosis DE FELICI, M; Siracusa, G Articolo su rivista
9-mag-2023 Characterization of epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 (EGFL7) expression in normal endometrium and in the endometrium of women with poor reproductive outcomes Lacconi, V; Massimiani, M; Paglione, L; Antonaci, D; Meneghini, C; Klinger, Fg; Fazleabas, A; Stuhlmann, H; Rago, R; Ticconi, C; Campagnolo, L Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2011 Characterization of the endocannabinoid system in mouse embryonic stem cells Bari, M; Tedesco, M; Battista, N; Pasquariello, N; Pucci, M; Gasperi, V; Scaldaferri, M; Farini, D; DE FELICI, M; Maccarrone, M Articolo su rivista
15-giu-2007 Chemoattractant action and molecular signaling pathways of Kit ligand on mouse primordial germ cells Farini, D; La Sala, G; Tedesco, M; DE FELICI, M Articolo su rivista
9-set-2021 Circulating EGFL7 distinguishes between IUGR and PE: an observational case–control study Massimiani, M; Salvi, S; Tiralongo, Gm; Moresi, S; Stuhlmann, H; Valensise, H; Lanzone, A; Campagnolo, L Articolo su rivista
15-gen-1997 Coding sequence of a hyaluronan synthase homologue expressed during expansion of the mouse cumulus-oocyte complex Fülöp, C; Salustri, A; Hascall, V Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1997 Coding sequence, exon-intron structure and chromosomal localization of murine TNF-stimulated gene 6 that is specifically expressed by expanding cumulus cell-oocyte complexes Fulop, C; Kamath, R; Li, Y; Otto, J; Salustri, A; Olsen, B; Glant, T; Hascall, V Articolo su rivista
8-dic-2020 Colour-sensitive conjugated polymer inkjet-printed pixelated artificial retina model studied via a bio-hybrid photovoltaic device Ciocca, M; Giannakou, P; Mariani, P; Cinà, L; Di Carlo, A; Tas, Mo; Asari, H; Marcozzi, S; Camaioni, A; Shkunov, M; Brown, Tm Articolo su rivista
1-giu-1993 Combined action of stem cell factor, leukemia inhibitory factor, and cAMP on in vitro proliferation of mouse primordial germ cells DOLCI IANNINI, S; Pesce, M; DE FELICI, M Articolo su rivista
1-set-2008 Comparative analyses of RNA transcripts of cell cycle genes in mitotic, meiotic and G0/G1 arrested mouse primordial germ cells Sorrentino, E; Klinger, Fg; Farini, D; DE FELICI, M Intervento a convegno
1-giu-2007 Comparative transcript profiles of cell cycle-related genes in mouse primordial germ cells, embryonic stem cells and embryonic germ cells Sorrentino, E; Nazzicone, V; Farini, D; Campagnolo, L; DE FELICI, M Articolo su rivista
25-ago-2017 Complete in vitro oogenesis: retrospects and prospects Wang, J; Ge, W; Liu, J; Klinger, Fg; Dyce, P; DE FELICI, M; Shen, W Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2015 Comprehensive in vitro toxicity testing of a panel of representative oxide nanomaterials: First steps towards an intelligent testing strategy Farcal, L; Andon, F; Di Cristo, L; Rotoli, B; Bussolati, O; Bergamaschi, E; Mech, A; Hartmann, N; Rasmussen, K; Riego Sintes, J; Ponti, J; Kinsner Ovaskainen, A; Rossi, F; Oomen, A; Bos, P; Chen, R; Bai, R; Chen, C; Rocks, L; Fulton, N; Ross, B; Hutchison, G; Tran, L; Mues, S; Ossig, R; Schnekenburger, J; Campagnolo, L; Vecchione, L; Pietroiusti, A; Fadeel, B Articolo su rivista
23-feb-2018 Conceptual study for long-term monitoring of chemotherapeutic induced cell reactions by ESPI Gottschalk, Jj; Stollfuss, C; Lietzau, K-; Foitzik, Ah; Richetta, M Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2001 Control of mouse cumulus cell-oocyte complex integrity before and after ovulation: Plasminogen activator synthesis and matrix degradation D'Alessandris, C; Canipari, R; Di Giacomo, M; Epifano, O; Camaioni, A; Siracusa, G; Salustri, A Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2014 Controllo dell'espressione genica Amicone, L; Battaglioli, E; Bonaldo, P; Bonfanti, P; Braghetta, P; Camaioni, A; Colombo, A; Dalle Donne, I; Duga, S; Gangitano, C; Garbi, C; Limonta, P; Marini, M; Moretti, R; Poletti, A; Sidoti, A; Sitia, R; Strippoli, R; Zalfa, F Contributo in libro
1-gen-2019 Copy number variation analysis of twin pairs discordant for cleft lip with or without cleft palate Scapoli, L; Carinci, F; Palmieri, A; Cura, F; Baj, A; Beltramini, G; Docimo, R; Martinelli, M Articolo su rivista
6-apr-2011 Correlation of oocyte morphometry parameters with woman's age Valeri, C; Pappalardo, S; DE FELICI, M; Manna, C Articolo su rivista
1-dic-2004 Covalent transfer of heavy chains of inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor family proteins to hyaluronan in in vivo and in vitro expanded porcine oocyte-cumulus complexes Nagyova, E; Camaioni, A; Prochazka, R; Salustri, A Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2020 COVID-19: the perspective of Italian embryologists managing the IVF laboratory in pandemic emergency De Santis, L; Anastasi, A; Cimadomo, D; Klinger, Fg; Licata, E; Pisaturo, V; Sosa Fernandez, L; Scarica, C Articolo su rivista
Mostrati risultati da 49 a 68 di 428
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