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Data di pubblicazione Titolo Autore(i) Tipo File
15-nov-2012 Reactions of the Cumyloxyl and Benzyloxyl Radicals with Strong Hydrogen Bond Acceptors. Large Enhancements in Hydrogen Abstraction Reactivity Determined by Substrate/Radical Hydrogen Bonding Salamone, M; Di Labio, G; Bietti, M Articolo su rivista
28-mag-2013 Reactions of the Cumyloxyl and Benzyloxyl Radicals with Tertiary Amides. Hydrogen Abstraction Selectivity and the Role of Specific Substrate-Radical Hydrogen Bonding Salamone, M; Milan, M; Dilabio, G; Bietti, M Articolo su rivista
4-dic-2014 Reactions of the Cumyloxyl Radical with Secondary Amides. The Influence of Steric and Stereoelectronic Effects on the Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactivity and Selectivity Salamone, M; Basili, F; Mele, R; Cianfanelli, M; Bietti, M Articolo su rivista
4-gen-2013 Reactions of the Phthalimide N-Oxyl Radical (PINO) with Activated Phenols: The Contribution of π-Stacking Interactions to Hydrogen Atom Transfer Rates D'Alfonso, C; Bietti, M; Dilabio, G; Lanzalunga, O; Salamone, M Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2006 Reactivity and acid-base behavior of ring-methoxylated arylalkanoic acid radical cations and radical zwitterions in aqueous solution. Influence of structural effects and pH on the benzylic C-H deprotonation pathway Bietti, M; Capone, A Articolo su rivista
16-mar-2015 Reactivity and Selectivity Patterns in Hydrogen Atom Transfer from Amino Acid C-H Bonds to the Cumyloxyl Radical. Polar Effects as a Rationale for the Preferential Reaction at Proline Residues Salamone, M; Basili, F; Bietti, M Articolo su rivista
1-set-2014 Reactivity of Saturated Hydrocarbon Anchoring Arms on Si(100) upon White Light Photoactivation: Experimental Evidence and Theoretical Insights Marrani, A; Carboni, M; Boccia, A; Galloni, P; Morpurgo, S; Zanoni, R Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2006 Reattività di perossocomplessi di V(V). Bonchio, M; Conte, V; Modena, G Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2011 Recent Advances in Vanadium Catalyzed Oxygen Transfer Reactions, Conte, V; Coletti, A; Mba, M; Zonta, C; Licini, G Articolo su rivista
21-set-2018 Record Rate Enhancements for Tetrathiafulvalene Guests in the Formation of Bipyridinium- and Diazapyrenium-Based [2]Pseudorotaxanes Bruschini, M; Ercolani, G; Gallina, S; Mencarelli, P Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2004 The regiochemistry of the addition of PhSeCl to arylferrocenylethynes: a cooperative effect? Brunetti, T; Diddoro, M; DI VONA, Ml; Floris, B; Galloni, P; Licoccia, S Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2017 Regioselective IBX-Mediated Synthesis of Coumarin Derivatives with Antioxidant and Anti-influenza Activities Bizzarri, Bm; Botta, L; Capecchi, E; Celestino, I; Checconi, P; Palamara, At; Nencioni, L; Saladino, R Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2016 Regulating competing supramolecular interactions using ligand concentration Teunissen, Ajp; Paffen, Tfe; Ercolani, G; De Greef, Tfa; Meijer, Ew Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1994 Remarkable catalysis by strontium ion in S(N)2 and E2 reactions occurring in proximity to a crown-ether structure Doddi, G; Ercolani, G; Lapegna, P; Mencarelli, P Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2022 Resolving oxygenation pathways in manganese-catalyzed C(sp3)-H functionalization via radical and cationic intermediates Galeotti, M; Vicens, L; Salamone, M; Costas, M; Bietti, M Articolo su rivista
1-mar-2011 Rhodium-catalysed hydrogenation of enamides with monodentate phosphorous ligands. A density functional theory study Schiaffino, L; Ercolani, G Articolo su rivista
1-gen-2015 Ribonuclease activity of an artificial catalyst that combines a ligated CuII ion and a guanidinium group at the upper rim of a cone -Calix[4]arene platform Salvio, R; Volpi, S; Cacciapaglia, R; Casnati, A; Mandolini, L; Sansone, F Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1990 Ring closure reactions .28. Syntheses of many-membnered rings - Kinetuic models for the irreversible cyclization of two symmetrical momomers Ercolani, G; Mandolini, L; Mencarelli, P Articolo su rivista
17-apr-2008 Ring-expanding polymerization by reversible ring fusion. A fascinating process driven by entropy Ercolani, G; Di Stefano, S Articolo su rivista
1-gen-1985 Ring-opening reactions. Part 4. The role of strain and stereochemical effects on the elimination and substitution reactions of small rings; the reactivity of 1,1-dimethylaziridinium systems DI VONA, Ml; Illuminati, G; Lillocci, C Articolo su rivista
Mostrati risultati da 306 a 325 di 464
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